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RYA dinghy and power boat training

Academic sailing

Specialising in Academic Sailing and Watersports development.

Why T.S. Training;

Having set up and run an International School sailing department in the Middle East we have a great incite and expertise into setting up and running a watersports department for the International School market. With over 20 years industry experience, the founder of TS. Training has been involved at the very top of the school watersports industry, being the manager and RYA principle of what we believe is the only school to offer sailing and water sports from Year three to GCSE in their academic program.

Our Aim;

To be a one touch company to develop and continually support your school, club or organisation and develop it as part of the National Curriculum.

Student development;

Sailing is all about teamwork, communication, and the ability to make decisions - these are some of the key reasons why independent schools recognise the benefits. For several years the Department for Education has recognised the importance of developing character in schools and has committed to helping them ensure more children develop character traits, attributes and behaviours that underpin success in education and work.

For more information then please watch this you tube film by Bill Lucas.

Commercial Aspect;

School Development

We understand that all academic schools are a business and all businesses need to have a Unique selling point Sailing/watersports has a natural selling point, both within the school revenue in terms of school fees and with recruiting more students ahead of your competitor, but also increasing revenue with CCA's and holiday clubs.

Club development

Clubs are always looking for new members and mostly young members, a good way to develop your club is to link it into a school increase your membership.

Further development

We offer consultancy on the following;



Our fees

Alternatively, we can come and visit your location and provide a full report on location and facilities.

Instructor Training

We can also provide instructor training see instructor training pages

The following websites provide more information about the work Prof. Lucas and his colleagues are doing in developing character and lifelong learners.

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