TS Training
RYA dinghy and power boat training

RYA Start Racing Instructor Endorsement:

Duration 1 day

The course will involve the coaching of racing skills through the running of sessions ashore and afloat.

Coaching afloat will concentrate on a good briefing, the running of sessions to improve student performance and a quality group debrief. In order to run such sessions successfully a good general knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing is expected

An understanding of the following is recommended:

Race management




When boats meet (Rules 10 to 18)

This course is not designed for instructors with no racing experience.

Candidates are required to prepare a 6-minute mini-presentation

  1. Why should intermediate sailors learn to race?
  2. The mechanics of race starts and recalls
  3. A brief look at two different race formats and how such courses are communicated to sailors
  4. A basic overview of how rules advisory, arbitration and protest hearings work
  5. Youth racing fleets and competition
  6. A selection of popular adult dinghy racing classes in the UK
Candidates are also required to prepare a 45 minute on-water session as below,
  1. Race starts
  2. Windward leg tactics
  3. 3 Downwind leg tactics
  4. Roll tacking
  5. Roll Gybing
  6. Improving windward mark lay lines
  7. Mark rounding at the gybe mark
Candidates should bring:
  1. Whistle
  2. Pencil and waterproof paper (RYA Wet notes or similar)
  3. A watch
  4. Any teaching/coaching models, tools or ideas that may prove useful
  5. Safety knife - ideally small with a folding, round-tipped, locking blade
Candidates must bring the following original documentation:
  1. All appropriate RYA Instructor certificates
  2. All appropriate RYA Powerboat certificates
  3. A current, recognised first aid certificate*
  4. RYA Membership number (current RYA membership is required)
  5. Current version of 'RYA National Sailing Scheme Instructor Handbook: G14' plus any old ones
  6. Safe and Fun Certificate



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