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RYA dinghy and power boat training


"Tim took our safety boat drivers for a short course on recovering inverted catamarans. He was calm and extremely knowledgeable and they really benefitted from his help."

Liam Thom

Vice Commodore
Shanklin Sailing Club

"Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative 2 days I did enjoy your style of instruction once again thanks see you around"


Yarmouth IOW

"Powerboat Intermediate 1 to 1 Coming away with more confidence on the boat whilst having found areas that I need to improve on. The ability to do as many port and river entries in the time that we had is definitely a plus. I also enjoyed the "banter" and general atmosphere that we did the course in."

Philip West


"All our family wanted there ICC our friends had done there PBL2 last year with Tim. They had a fantastic, enjoyable weekend and learnt a whole load of things that have proved to be useful. Getting the PBL2 also meant that we could get our ICC Certificates which meant that we could hire a RIB with a decent sized engine on our recent holiday to South France. "

Jamie Witham

Software Engineer at Vision4ce

"Just a short note to say thank you for this recent course. I really got a lot out of it and felt like I improved massively. Thanks for being informative and patient! Have a good evening and thanks again? "


"TS Training provided a number of short notice certified power boat courses for our staff. Tim's knowledge of both the boats and international waters we were operating in is second to none. Tim went above and beyond the syllabus and provide allot of practical advice, all of which was put to good use by the boat drivers during the filming of "The Island with Bear Grylls"


Remote Trauma

"Tim Smith has provided expert tuition/coaching to Calshot Sailing over the past few seasons. We have been impressed with his professionalism and his willingness to give that little bit more to help the club achieve its goals. We are also pleased to report that he can keep a group of youngsters of all ages mesmerised and fully engaged despite all manner of distractions."

Andy Sutton

Instructor and Sailing Secretary
Calshot Sailing Club

"We have used TS training to deliver an Dinghy Instructor course with a pre-assessment weekend and would have no hesitation in booking Tim again for the next one. We found that he very quickly drew out each candidate's strengths and weaknesses and was willing to spend extra time with those who needed it. He soon became attuned to the atmosphere of our Centre and fitted in extremely easily. He is very user friendly and provides excellent customer service."

Frank Cope

General Manager and Principal
Medina Valley Centre

"At Neilson Active Holidays we put great emphasis on the training and development of our staff. They are key to the delivery of our award winning holidays. Our staff appreciate the investment we make in them, which in turn leads to extremely high retention rates for seasonal staff.

We have been working with TS Training for over 10 years, in providing both Instructor training and endorsements, and powerboat training. The coaching provided has been first rate, enabling all candidates to fulfil their Potential and progression within Neilson.

I would recommend TS Training to anyone looking to raise their skill levels on the water"

Andrew Parry

Beach Club and Training Manager
Neilson Active Holidays

"I was working full time for an RYA training centre with UK bases in the Solent and in Sussex, I have also worked overseas in Spain, as a Yachtmaster Instructor (Sail) and a Powerboat Instructor. Having run many powerboat courses up to level two, including some safety boat courses, I wanted to learn to instruct the RYA Intermediate and Advanced powerboat courses as well. The Principle of the training centre where I work full time selected TS Training as the preferred provider of my RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor training. I had heard of TS Training, having previously been trained overseas by them, they provided me instructor training in dingy and keelboat sailing.

Before I could complete my RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor training, I had to complete my RYA Advanced Powerboat Course and then take the RYA examination, conducted by an approved and independent RYA examiner, and on successful completion of both these elements, I could then go on and undertake my Advanced Instructor training with TS Training.

Tim (the Principle of TS Training) dealt with me personally through all stages of the process, including booking, payment, pre course information, pre course assessment, joining instructions, medical and health assessments, and meeting and greeting us on the first day. Tim also provided the training, undertaken on a Rib Craft 8 metre RIB with a 300hp diesel inboard engine, a beast of a RIB which was truly up to the job, creating an excellent learning environment. We had theory sessions and practical sessions, using advanced powerboat techniques and learning advanced powerboat teaching techniques. The learning environment for theory sessions was good, with excellent facilities and catering and accommodation provided on site. The other students I was with were also undertaking the same package of training as myself, and we all jelled and worked well together, and we were able to really effectively role play the roles of student, instructor and observer, overseen and managed by Tim. We are all still friends and remain in contact to this day. Full debriefs were given at the of each exercise and chunk of training, as well as at the end of each day and end of the course. I am glad to say I passed all elements of the course and have now run 5 advanced courses and got 12 students through their advanced exam, with a success rate of 100%.

I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the whole experience, and would happily recommend TS training to anyone wishing to develop themselves personally or professionally in any of the RYA training courses and schemes. TS training represents excellent value for money whilst maintain high quality training."

Karl Fisher

"Joe Hall, managing director of Mainsail in Cowes, lent me a still-in-its-packaging new Sea RIB, a brand of RIB that Mainsail imports from Portugal in several different sizes, sexy, brilliant white and crying out for designer sunglasses. This had a Suzuki 105hp on the stern and Tim Smith, the instructor Joe had recommended, started by taking the lid off that and asking me trick questions.

There is something about the classroom situation that makes me distrust my fellow man. Tim is one of those genial teachers who asks straightforward questions - "Where is the fuel lead?" "What sort of buoy is the Prince Consort?" - to which I know the answers perfectly well but which therefore make me think he's trying to trick me. Consequently, not wishing to look a complete idiot, I go "We-e-e-ell" and look a complete idiot when it turns out not to be a trick question at all. In retrospect, I should have just said modestly at the outset, "Assume I know nothing," thereby implying that I might have known everything and was just playing the role of an idiot. Oh well, too late now.

Anyway, counting the pre-trip briefing - and a very genial stop for lunch at Gin's Farm - the first day's tuition occupied about five hours. It was a beautiful April day without a breath of wind, so it was not too rugged. And I learned a lot. Having approached the day pretty confident that a lifetime of messing about in boats had taught me to drive a RIB by osmosis, I was surprised by the amount I didn't know and delighted with the amount I learned.

We did the basic stuff, from leaving the dock, prop effect, pivot points and turning to coming alongside, man overboard and anchoring and I am already, if not wiser, then definitely better informed.

But, before I even attempt to pass on my newly acquired knowledge, there is another day to come. By the time the next issue of Cowes Yachting is published, I hope to be a fully qualified (albeit basically so) driver able to pass on some lifesaving tips on the art.

One thing I definitely know already is that everyone needs to learn."

Rich Bundy

"Tim has run our dinghy instructor courses for the last four years. He has had excellent pass rate and helped use to improve our standard of training. Tim as courses receive excellent feedback from the students and we are happy to recommend Tim to other clubs"

Alan Russell

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